Hopi Well Project Cost Estimate

After drilling in September of 2013 a price adjustment in materials and labor will be necessary because more work will now be required to continue the project.

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Hello Friends! We’ve been busy with the Hopi Well Project and want to keep you up to date on the latest happenings.

After a whirlwind fundraising effort in 2012-2013 we had enough funding to begin drilling the well for the Third Mesa community on Hopi Land. We gave a presentation to the Hotevilla Village council members and received all the necessary approvals from the Hopi Tribal Water Resources Management Department, the Hopi Cultural Preservation Agency, and the involved Water Clan members.

The drilling company selected by the Hopi Well Project Committee arrived in September 2013 and began drilling. The professional dowsers we had consulted to locate the best site to drill, speculated to find water before 600 feet, but no water was found even though drilling continued to a depth of 661 feet. At UC Santa Cruz, we gave an update presentation in July, 2014.

Metempyrion had accumulated enough funding to cover the cost of labor and materials for Phase I of the project if water was reached by that depth. The Board of Trustees elected to reevaluate our position and sent out HWP Status Reports to our supporters. This year, fundraising has continued in 2014 and generated $6,000 for the Hopi Well Project. Added to the remainder held in escrow, we have approximately $16,000 to continue the project.

Our Hopi Representative has informed us that the 2014 growing season was poor due to draught and the harvest was small. Although the rainy season provided more rain than in recent years, it came too late to nourish the crops. Everyone in Hopi Land is praying for a lot of snow this winter so the ground will be wet when planting comes again.

In the interim Metempyrion is providing a 1000 gallon water storage tank to help see the people through the winter months. This water must come from communities off the reservation in small truckloads. Last winter the existing water froze at 6000 feet elevation, and no water was available to the people for household needs. The existing village well needs to be repaired at an estimated cost of $40,000.

We have stepped up the grant search program using an international organization with access to international businesses interested in promoting sustainable humanitarian projects like the Hopi Well Project

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